Quilting and Community: A Class for Beginners

Quilt Making for Beginners Class

Working together on making something useful while creating friendships isn’t a thing of the past. If you would like to learn this new skill and join a community of enthusiastic quilters, please come to the Quilt Making for Beginners Information Class at Howell Branch on August 18. 

For centuries, people had to make their own clothing, blankets, and linens. Women would gather to sew, working on individual garments or together on bigger projects while building lifelong friendships. Today, we can buy what we need at our local stores or online. However, our need to spend time with other people - working on a common interest - still brings joy into our lives.

Learning a new craft and meeting new friends are two of the goals of Quilt Making for Beginners. This fall, the library will once again host a series of classes to teach people with basic sewing skills how to create quilts of their own.

At the information class on Saturday, August 18, 9:30-12:30, attendees will be able to sign up for the series of quilting classes as well as meet others who also want to learn this time-honored craft. Experienced quilter Pat Burroughs will be leading the class. Class sessions will include: terms and tools, creating quilt blocks, quilting techniques, and binding the quilt. For more information about how to quilt and quilting patterns, go to CRRL Picks: Books for Quilters.