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Ranchero by Rick Gavin

Ranchero by Rick Gavin

I've got me a new boyfriend and his name is Rick Gavin. I don't actually know him, but he is the author of the darkly comic debut novel Ranchero, which made me cringe and laugh and scribble "I ♥ Rick" in pink glitter pen on all my notebook covers.

Nick Reid was a cop in Southwest Virginia. Something Happened (it's never explained in the book), and Nick ends up as a repo man down in the Mississippi Delta. One day, Nick and his partner Desmond set off on a routine repo to get payment or take back a flat screen TV from Percy Dwayne Dubois.

"But Percy Dwayne wouldn't give in. No, instead he went all white-trash philosophical and figured that since the world was against him, he might as well fight it. He hit Nick over the head with a fireplace shovel, stole the mint-condition calypso coral–colored 1969 Ranchero that Nick had borrowed from his landlady, and went on a rowdy ride across the Mississippi Delta." *

Nick wants the car back. What follows is a hilariously profane and violent stomp through the swamps and poverty of the Mississippi Delta. Nick and Desmond encounter meth heads, two-bit criminals, crooked cops, downtrodden women and assorted ne'er-do-wells as they follow the trail of the hot pink Ranchero.

Will they get the car back? Will it still be in mint condition? And will Desmond ever get to eat a chili dog from the Sonic? You will have to read Rick Gavin's Ranchero to find out.

*From the publisher's description