Start! Manage! Grow Your Business with ReferenceUSA

ReferenceUSA can help your business grow

Entrepreneurs and business owners, here’s your chance to learn how to use the library’s ReferenceUSA database to Start! Manage! Grow your business. All you need is an Internet connection and a phone line to participate. 

Date:  Friday, July 12

Time:  Noon (1 hour)

Use ReferenceUSA to find mission critical information for your business.

Topics include:

·        Locating subject-manager experts and professional services

·        Locating hard-to-find vendors, both locally and nationally

·        Finding investors, venture capitalists, and angels

·        Networking with other businesses in your area or in your industry

·        Developing relationships with related businesses for co-branding opportunities

·        Understanding community demographics

·        Surveying locations for expansion

·        Conducting competitive analysis

·        Planning delivery routes and service areas

·        Sourcing new employees

To register for any of the session dates, follow the link below:

Start! Manage! Grow! Your Business

Note that the registration lists the webinar as 11:00 am Central Daylight Time, which makes that 12:00 pm here in Virginia!  You will receive confirmation of registration by email.  If you have any questions about the webinar or about using ReferenceUSA, please contact a Research Librarian at your local Central Rappahannock Regional Library branch.