Riptide by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Riptide by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

First will ye Lie
Curst shall ye Crye
Worst must ye Die

They should have heeded the warning on the guard stone. But, no, through the years many people couldn’t resist the lure of riches though many died in trying to recover them. For in 1695, English pirate Edward Ockham had commanded his men bury his silver, gold, and jewels on an island off the coast of Maine. He didn’t just bury it deep in a simple hole in the ground. The pirate had his many thousand pounds of loot safely placed in a devious trap called the Water Shaft as is recounted in Riptide, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Hundreds of years have passed, and though many have tried no one has succeeded in recovering the hoard. One man is convinced this time it will be different, and another man is willing to see if he’s right. Dr. Malin Hatch owns Ragged Island and the Water Shaft and everything that lies beneath. He’s wanted nothing to do with it since its promise of wealth beyond imagining destroyed three generations of his family.

But Malin has changed his mind about going back. It took some convincing, but Gerard Neidelman, an already rich, self-proclaimed recovery specialist, seems to have the equipment, the team, and the determination to get the job done. The operation will bring badly needed jobs to the community, but it will also bring Malin home to a past he’d rather forget and a woman he regrets leaving behind.

Riptide is an action-packed adventure story with more than pirate-laid traps beneath its surface. Recommended for readers who enjoy Peter Benchley (Jaws) and Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park), the high-tech may have moved on since its 1998 publication date, but the gripping story and strong characters are timeless. Also available as an eBook.