The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway

River of No Return by Bee Ridgway

What better way to start my summer reading than by immersing myself in The River of No Return, a fantasy/romance/adventure/mystery in which Time is a river where humans can move up and down its path to the future and the past. The author, Bee Ridgway—a historian at Bryn Mawr, has meticulously researched the Regency Period. It is a love story and a time-travel adventure with well-developed characters, but part of the fun of reading this novel is in its unique historical details of the Regency period.

Nicholas Falcott, the Marquess of Blackthorn, is a sexy rake, aristocrat and soldier who wakes up 200 years after he is about to meet his death fighting Napoleon. He is rescued by a guild who guards Time and trains “time jumpers.” They shower the now renamed Nick Davenant with money and all the advantages of the modern world—and tell him he cannot go back.

Back in 1815, Julia Percy is the best friend of Nicholas’ sister and finds herself in dire straits when her grandfather dies. Her horrible cousin Eamon, who inherits the estate, wants to know what the Talisman is, what powers it has, and what Julia knows about it.  Her grandfather has kept terrible secrets from Julia and has told her on his deathbed to “pretend.” What she needs is a hero.

But Nick is not your typical hero. When the Guild contacts him for a special mission to save Time, he is not interested. He likes his comfortable, modern life.  Then he finds out the Guild has lied to him, and he can go back in Time to his past as Blackthorn. More intriguing, there is a rival faction of time travelers called the Ofan, and Nick and Julia must choose whom to trust.

I got caught up in finding out about the rivalry of the Guild and the Ofan, Nick and Julia’s love story, the details of Time Travel, and the mystery of the Talisman...and I hope you will, too.