The Rocking Chair Reader: Family Gatherings: True Stories of Celebration and Reunion

By Helen Kay Polaski, editor

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"The first two titles in The Rocking Chair Reader series, Coming Home and Memories from the Attic, have transformed the inspirational shelf with their nostalgic focus on America's small towns. This third offering delivers more than sixty true stories focusing on family gatherings of every kind-from the yearly holiday gathering of a nuclear family to a once-every-five-years reunion of distant cousins. Readers will delight in such stories as: One of the Family--a city girl becomes engaged to a hometown boy and learns she's gained four generations of close-knit relations, all of whom already know her name. Then There Were Six--to everyone's surprise and delight, a discharged soldier returns to his five siblings just in time for Christmas dinner, 1945. Grandma's Roses--an elderly gardener's prized flowers finally bloom once again, reassuring her worried family members that all is well in her world."

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