Art from Old Books: Roots of Knowledge Sculpture at Headquarters Library

Roots of Knowledge Sculpture by Laura Allen

Tree roots dangle from the glass-roofed atrium of Headquarters Library.

Sculpted by artist Laura Allen from old books, glue, plastic, tape, and starch, the installation fills the expansive ceiling space and can’t be missed by the hundreds of library visitors passing through each day.

At a time when books on paper are increasingly sharing space on library and home shelves with eBooks, Allen is among a group of artists who are extracting from their paper bindings beautiful illustrations and the words themselves and transforming bookish elements into works of art. Read her artist's statement about these sculptures.

Roots of Knowledge sculpture by Laura Allen

Laura Allen lives and sculpts in Fredericksburg, supports the local arts community working at Artful Dimensions, a membership art gallery specializing in promoting and encouraging dimensional artistry.   She holds a B.A. in studio art from Davidson College and an M.F.A. in sculpture from Portland State.  She is interested in crafting three-dimensional works from everyday objects that reflect society.  

Roots of Knowledge sculpture by Laura Allen

“Roots” will hang in the library space for the foreseeable future.

For more information about the exhibit or her artwork, call Laura Allen at (540) 899-3970.