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Summer Reading at the Library

Summer Reading at the Library

There’s no doubt about it, the library’s summer reading club can help your child succeed in school!  A recent study proved that children who joined public library summer reading clubs did better on fall standardized tests than their classmates who didn’t!  Our Headquarters Library and Fredericksburg’s Lafayette Upper Elementary school participated in the research sponsored by The Dominican University.  

The best news, is that joining our children’s program, Dream Big, or our teen one, Own the Night, is free and easy to do either in a branch or online at  Participants can read whatever they like or what is required by their schools.  Incentives and free programs are offered throughout making the library’s summer reading club perfect for fun.

Here are a few suggestions from our recently updated reading lists for grades K-8 (K-6 here; 6-8 here)!    

Press Here” by Hervé Tullet, from our Kindergarten and 1st grade list, is an amazingly simple, interactive delight.  The text is a series of easy-to-follow instructions that seemingly affect the entire book.  In the beginning, readers are confronted with a yellow dot and the instruction to press it.  The dot multiplies with every touch and rubbing the one on the left, turns it red.  Shaking the book, puts lines of dots in disarray and turning it on end, moves them from one side of the page to the other.  Even if your child is able to read the text by themselves, you should definitely join them for the fun.   

In “Igraine the Brave” by Cornelia Funke, Igraine doesn’t want to become a magician like her parents--that’s boring.  Instead, she wants to be a knight.  When a magical mishap turns her parents into pigs and an intruder breaks into the castle stealing a valuable book, she has her chance!  Pursuing the thief puts her on the road in the company of a giant, a Sorrowful Knight and a talking cat.  This fantasy adventure for fourth graders has appeal for both boys and girls.  


True (...sort of)” by Katherine Hannigan is on our 6th grade list.  No matter how she tries, Delly can’t avoid trouble.  Her trouble isn’t the mean kind and always starts with her thinking something will be good and ends with her sent to her room or in detention.  Her best friend Brud is always ready for some “Dellyventures” although as they get older, Brud is better able to tell which are most likely to go awry.  When the captivating Ferris Boyd moves to town, Brud can’t believe what a great basketball player she is while Delly recognizes her as a true “mysturiosity”--an extremely curious mystery.  As usual her interest gets the best of her which in this case turns out to be a good thing.  It turns out Ferris isn’t just “fantabulous,” but in need of the kind of help, that only a kid used to trouble, is brave enough to provide.  

Originally published in Free Lance-Star newspaper.