Be Safer and More Prepared for Emergencies

Be Safer and More Prepared for Emergencies

Emergencies can spring up when they are least expected - and at the worst possible moments. Quick thinking and action can minimize the damage an emergency could cause. You can become better prepared to handle almost any crisis from natural disasters to minor injuries. Salem Church Branch is hosting a series of information tables where you can pick up tips and techniques from safety experts. Stop by to chat with the friendly staff of local organizations on Tuesdays in July, beginning July 10, 11:00-2:00.

Here’s the schedule:

July 10 -  Deputy Rich Vasquez, Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office

July 17 -  Christine Matthews, Water Safety, Pool Safety & the YMCA

July 24 -  Sandy Orris, Spotsylvania Fire Services

July 31 -  April Payne with Virginia Cooperative Extension

Home, Safe Home

Employers are required by law to make their workplaces as safe as possible for employees, but how safe is your home? If you keep your home free from hazards and have a first aid kit on hand, you might be able to prevent emergencies before they start or have a better outcome.

Learning the steps required to face emergencies and maintain a hazard-free home can give you confidence when a crisis arises and peace of mind every day.

Check out books from our Safety First booklist, and connect with organizations that have online tools to promote emergency preparedness.


Links for Emergency Preparedness:

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