Sally and the Purple Socks

One day Sally the duck is thrilled to get a pair of purple socks in the mail in Sally and the Purple Socks by Lisze Bechtold. They are lovely and so soft, but a bit small. However, there is something special about these socks: they will grow to the "size ordered." Once she airs them out, they fit just right.

Sally wears them all day - dancing, cleaning, and relaxing. After a while she notices something curious - the socks have grown to be too big.

But Sally is resourceful, and the purple socks become a soft purple scarf and cap....and so on. With each page, the socks grow larger and larger, and Sally deftly adapts to their new size and makes them into something totally new.

This is a hilarious story for the preschool set and will especially appeal to kids who love ridiculous scenarios...and who appreciate the comfort of a good pair of soft socks. This books works well paired with other books that show out-of-control scenes like Strega Nona or with clothing-themed books like Ella Sarah Gets Dressed.