Sample Letter to Elected Officials

We encourage you to share your concerns with your local elected officials. Here is a sample of what you might say. Of course, your own words and story are always the most powerful message! If you'd like, copy portions from this sample letter into your letter or e-mail, or use it as talking points for your phone call.

Dear [elected official],

I use the library to [why did you use the library today?]. It's so much more than a place to find a good book to read. Staff help children locate resources to help with homework, they teach basic computer classes, and allow us to use computers to fill out job applications or take tests. And for many of us, it is our only access to essential resources needed to improve our lives. The library is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

But our public library is struggling. Funding is not keeping pace with increased usage. Please support full funding of our local library. It is a vital institution in our community.


[valued patron]