Schubert Lieder

By Franz Schubert

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This recording of Schubert's lieder contains a number of his finest. "Die Forelle"(The Trout) is a lighthearted tale about the struggle between a fish and his arch enemy, the fisherman. The "Erlkonig" is probably the most famous of his songs. This frightening tale of Death (Erlkonig) tempting a young child to leave the arms of his father. The scene takes place at night while riding on horseback. There are three characters in this song, with the singer using his voice in three different ways. The horse galloping throughout the song can be heard in the piano part. The text for "An die Music" was written by Franz von Schober, a personal friend of Schubert. He dedicated this ode offering thanks to music for illuminating his hours of sadness, transporting him to a better world with a promise a better world to come.

"Nacht und Traume," (Night and Dreams) is dedicated to night, the peace and rest it brings is another of Schubert's best known songs. Ian Bostridge, born on Christmas Day, 1964, has become an internationally known tenor, well known in both the fields of opera as well as his song recitals. This CD recording has background information about Bostridge and Schubert. It also has the songs' text translated from German to English. Schubert quotatiom - "When I wished to sing of love, it turned to sorrow. And when I wished to sing of sorrow, it was transformed for me into love."

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