Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri

Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri

If there is one universal truth in life, it's that everyone loves pizza, even raccoons. One raccoon in particular is obsessed with pizza. All he wants is a Secret Pizza Party.

He stands outside the pizza parlor, eyes locked on the gooey, cheesy slices. Nothing can break him away from that desire, except for the owner, who chases him with a broom. A secret pizza party would be oh-so-much better. 

Secrets make everything better. Secret handshakes, secret staircases, and so on.

"Regular pizza party: Get that raccoon off the table!!! Secret pizza party: Get that raccoon another slice of pizza, he's the guest of honor."

At such an event, the raccoon might even get to wear a top hat. Raccoons love top hats almost as much as pizza.

Is the raccoon delusional? Yes. Is he hungry? Definitely. Does he have a plan? You bet. It involves a trench coat, glasses, and stilts. Okay, I never said it was a great plan, but it's not bad for a quadruped.

Author Adam Rubin and illustrator Daniel Salmieri are no strangers to books about beasts and their hunger for delicious food. Another book of theirs, Dragons Love Tacos, is just as deliciously delirious. Rubin is a master of throwing in brilliant non sequiturs while Salmieri adds flair in the form of used mitten stores and the raccoon's private diary of the times he ate pizza. 

Our hero is on the run now, pizza box in paw. He must avoid brooms at all cost. Brooms are the antithesis of pizza. As you can see, this raccoon is dealing with some slightly traumatic broom-related issues from his past. Will he be able to overcome them and have his secret pizza party? Will he wash his slices of pizza in a stream with his tiny paws before consuming it? All bets are a Secret Pizza Party.