The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley

The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley

Promising young archaeologist Verity Grey ventured to the wilds of Scotland for a job interview little knowing that she was leaving behind her secure London flat for encounters with ghostly visions and the threat of madness in Susanna Kearsley’s Shadowy Horses.

Invited by a roguishly handsome former boyfriend who was already working at the Roman site, Verity was surprised to learn that there were very solid reasons why he doubted she would take the job.  The secret behind the dig is just one of many that Verity must uncover. The archaeological site itself is set just outside a fishing village with a centuries-old reputation for smuggling, and she finds that while Eyemouth is home to an intriguing cast of characters, the dig itself is the site of hauntings.

Archaeologists know the past can speak to them, but not often is it done literally. From the first night when hoof beats of phantom horses wake her from her dreams to chats with the very alive and plucky little boy who tells her a Roman sentinel is watching her and desperately trying to converse with her, Verity is having a summer job experience unlike any other.

Then there is the promise—or threat—of romance. Old flame Adrian, a serial dater of blondes of whom Verity was the exception, seems to have a renewed interest. But it’s not Adrian who has caught her eye but rather the broody, gorgeous David Fortune, also assigned to the dig and who seems determined to keep his distance from her.

The Shadowy Horses is a great blend of mystery and romance set in a cozy and yet exotic location.  I did the Kindle version and had a hard time setting it down.  Fans of the much-missed Barbara Michaels’ gothic mysteries and the Hamish MacBeth series should find this very much their cup of tea.