By Roderick Anscombe

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"Dan Cody loved his wife Janie. He loved her so much, he killed her. She was HIV-positive, and she begged him to do it. Or so he says. Now Dan's on the run with a new romantic obsession: Carol, the prison nurse. Their daring and clever breakout has made the evening news, and Dan wants to set the record straight. He did it all for love, so that he and Carol could be together. He didn't mean to kill that guard during the escape. There was no other way. And, of course, Carol isn't really a hostage. It only looks that way to the television audience.

"Dan may or may not know where a drug kingpin has hidden a million dollars outside the prison walls. And he may be taking Carol with him to find the money, because, after all, wouldn't it be nice for the two of them to have a nest egg as they start their new lives together? But what does it matter, really? It's love, not money, that Dan can't live without. And he will find it. Even if it kills him.

"Shank is Dan's story - his very own, very special version of events. It is the story of a man who, like the homemade prison knife, has become a crudely sharpened, highly concealed weapon. And if Dan holds back some crucial part of the story, or even lies, you can be sure he has his reasons...."

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