Shark vs. Train, by Chris Barton and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

Shark vs. Train

The unlikeliest foes of all time are put to a series of tests. One is a fearsome predator, the other a powerful example of human innovation. Contests, races, and video games are all necessary when trying to figure out who is better. It's teeth vs. wheels. It's beast vs. machine! It’s Shark vs. Train!
What starts as two boys’ simple search through a toy box spirals into the possibilities of pitting these very different opponents against each other and predicting what might happen. Now I know what you are thinking: there are a million differences between a shark and a train, and that is part of the fun. This book is the extreme equivalent of comparing apples to oranges.
Colorful and imaginative illustrations help set the rules of these competitions with hilarious results. Are they in the water or on rails? Are they roasting marshmallows or eating pies? There’s always a winner, and it’s not always obvious. Who’s better at basketball? This book figures it out for you.
After reading, you could even come up with your own new contests and figure out which of these two champions would win at them. In fact, the illustrator has an activity guide that you can print up. With that, you can predict what other contests these two might win, print up labels to show who you are rooting for, and complete word searches and mazes created just for the book.
This book will satisfy fans of great whites along with devotees of all things locomotive. When it's Shark vs. Train, everyone wins!