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Silk Is for Seduction by Loretta Chase

Silk Is for Seduction by Loretta Chase

I love a Regency Romance with a twist on the tried and true formula.  In Loretta Chase’s Silk Is for Seduction the characters are well-drawn with interesting backgrounds and they grow.  The plot has fun twists and the dialogue is lively, and, of course, all romances include some sensuous love scenes. But for the hero and heroine, it’s the end of the Regency period--we even see glimpses of the young Princess Victoria--and the modern world is creeping in and old stereotypes are dying. 

Dressmaking is not for the faint of heart. Marcelline Delucey Noirot is trying to support her family of two sisters and her daughter Lucie by going into the cut-throat business of being a modiste. To succeed, Marcelline must convince the worst-dressed woman in the beau monde, the fiancée of the Duke of Clevedon, Lady Clara, to choose Marcelline's clothes and be a trendsetter. It would not be a romance if the Duke and Marcelline did not get together, but how and what they learn about each other makes for the fun in this story.

The minor characters keep the romance interesting. The sisters manipulate the press with aplomb, and their advertisements for the dress shop are worthy of Madison Avenue. Lucie is a charming scamp who helps bring her mother, the Duke, and approval of Society into harmony.  The reticent Lady Clara, with the help of Marcelline’s clothes, finds the courage to take charge of her life. 

This is a fun read that all hangs by a silk thread until the end.