The Silver Bowl by Diane Stanley

The Silver Bowl by Diane Stanley

Molly’s father was determined to get rid of her. Her mother, believed mad and kept locked away, had no say in the matter. After all, Diane Stanley’s The Silver Bowl is set in medieval times, and if a father wanted to drag his street urchin of a child to the castle and hire her off as a scullery maid, there was no one to say him nay. Never mind that she’s seven years old.

But Molly didn’t survive her upbringing, such as it was, without developing a tough hide and a smart mouth, both of which will serve her well. As she grows into a pretty teenager, she meets a kindly “donkey boy,” who, like Molly, is expected to do the hardest of chores.  She has a few other things going for her, too. She’s a dab hand at careful work which earns her a special place out of the kitchen and into the King’s silver closet where she spends hours making his fine possessions gleam. Then there’s the prophecy thing….

Molly’s mother wasn’t actually crazy. But she did see visions and in medieval times, that was enough to get you locked away or worse.  The visions haven’t come upon Molly often, or they didn’t until she started to polish one of the best pieces of silver in the castle—a bowl so finely-wrought that it’s possible to see another world inside it. When Molly looks upon it, she sees visions in silver of things past and things that may come. And along with the visions comes a voice that orders her to pay attention.

For it is an illiterate, unwanted girl’s destiny to be a part of grander things and perhaps thwart evil designs cast and molded long ago. 

The Silver Bowl is the first of a trilogy featuring Molly and her friends and is available as an eBook as well as in print.