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Slide by Jill Hathaway

Slide book cover image

Vee Bell has narcolepsy in Slide by Jill Hathaway. Or at least that’s what her family and friends think. Once, Vee tried to tell her father the truth, but he sent her to a shrink who didn’t believe her either. Now she doesn’t even dare tell even her best friend.

Sliding. That’s what Vee thinks of it as. When she gets too tired to fight it, she falls asleep, but doesn’t dream. Instead, she enters other people’s minds. She can hear, smell, taste, and feel everything that they’re experiencing. Sliding only lasts for moments, but it is long enough to exhaust and sometimes scare her. She’s slid into backstabbing friends and teachers behaving badly. As a result, Vee takes constant caffeine pills to stay awake and is always just barely functioning.

 So far, Vee has learned how to avoid sliding into people she’d really rather not know more about. Whatever she’s touched last, if someone has a strong emotional tie to it, she enters that person’s mind. Her best friend, Rollins, thinks she has OCD because she won’t touch anything, which is fine with her. Most people have been avoiding her anyway, since her mother died and she fell out with her friends. Vee is getting by as best she can.

This routine, however, is about to get extremely dangerous. One night, Vee slides into the body of a person in a dark room. The person is writing a letter with gloves on. The person looks across the room, and through their eyes Vee sees a bloody scene…her sister’s best friend lies dead on her bed. Then Vee wakes up.

Whose body was she in? How can she convince the police the letter wasn’t a suicide note? How can Vee keep herself and her family safe from the killer, when signs begin pointing her way? Read Slide and view the world from an unusual and dangerous angle.