Slim Calm Sexy Yoga by Tara Stiles

Slim Calm Sexy Yoga by Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles' Slim Calm Sexy Yoga is full of easy-to-follow 15-minute routines that target specific fitness goals and health issues.

In her introduction Stiles states: "My approach is based on harnessing the healing power of yoga and applying it in the most targeted way possible - fixing whatever hurts you, stresses you, or makes you sad, in less time than it takes to wash and dry your hair."

Stiles begins by discussing the concept of 15-minute yoga and three essential yoga principles: breathing, meditation and body alignment. She goes on to cover the essential yoga poses that she'll combine into the various 15-minute routines. You'll find lots of large explanatory pictures in this section. From there the book is divided into chapters focusing on "Slim," "Calm," "Sexy," "Fit," "Gorgeous," and "Healthy" yoga, each offering several routines (with pictures) that address each issue. The book wraps up with tips and advice on making yoga more a part of your life, mainly through attending classes.

Ok, so Stiles is a gorgeous celebrity yoga instructor with a background in dance and modeling - the chances of doing these routines for 15 minutes a day (or 500) and ending up looking like her are slim. However, she does include several profiles of "real" women she's helped, through yoga, to face health and life issues like overeating, insomnia, vertigo and a lackluster post-baby sex life. I know the "Hangover" yoga routine sparked my interest, but I'm not sure I could work up the courage to perform the suggested inversion (head stand) in that fragile state. Best to avoid the hangover all together and perhaps spend more time on the "Sexy" yoga routines.

I still feel I need to attend a class for maximum benefits, but this book would be a great resource if you're trying to incorporate more yoga in your life. I could see fitting some of these 15-minute routines into my morning or even a lunch break.

You can find Tara online at, on Facebook (, and YouTube ( where you can find videos that will give you a taste of Stiles' approach to yoga.