SnapshotVA: A Day in the Life of Your Library, April 18-27

Snapshot of a day in the life of Salem Church library

April 17-30 (April 18-27 at the CRRL), Libraries all over Virginia will be taking a "snapshot" - collecting information this spring to capture the impact that Virginia libraries have on their communities on a typical day.

How does the library make a difference in your life?

Let us know Monday, April 18 - Wednesday, April 27 at your CRRL branch:

Monday, April 18:  Salem Church, Snow (Spotsylvania)

Tuesday, April 19:  Headquarters (Fredericksburg), Porter (Stafford), Cooper (Westmoreland)

Saturday, April 23:  Montross (Westmoreland)

Tuesday, April 26:  England Run (Stafford)

Wednesday, April 27:  Newton (Westmoreland)

We're always happy to hear your comments, but gettting your feedback on these days is especially important!

SnapshotVA: One Day in the Life of Virginia's libraries

We'll take your answers and let you know what other people all around the state think of their libraries and how they use them.  Results and pictures will be posted on the SnapshotVA blog on June 15.

SnapshotVA is a project of the Virginia Library Association and the Library of Virginia.