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Snow Scene by Richard Jackson

Snow Scene by Richard Jackson

What do you know about the out-of-doors and the changing of seasons? What happens when snow falls? What do the trees look like in winter? Icy boughs, covered in snow. How do you feel when snow falls? Look here! We have red ears. And, there? Frosty hair!

Look at the animal prints, the snowmen. How about at night? Everything is white—night white! What will you see soon? A hint of green? Suddenly, it's April, May, June. Springtime is almost here!

In Snow Scene, children's author Richard Jackson (This Beautiful Day; Have A Look, Says Book) writes a story about seasons in an upbeat, spunky rhythm. Although Snow Scene contains few words, the story is read like a song, leading readers from one page to another. Follow a brother and sister pair through the cold, white winter, to the heavenly, green grasses of spring. With beautiful, vivid illustrations painted by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, winter and spring are represented respectively through scenes of snow, and scenes of warmth. 

If you're looking forward to a short winter and the coming of spring, Snow Scene is the book for you!

Snow Scene supports out Grow a Reader principles of print awareness and vocabulary.