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Something like Fate by Susane Colasanti

Something like Fate by Susane Colasanti

Best friends forever, Lani and Erin have been friends since they can remember in Susane Colasanti's Something Like Fate. Their lives are tied together by a tragedy that happened years ago, and neither girl can now imagine a life without one another. They have always been inseparable but their lives are rapidly changing, moving them farther away from each other.  

Lani is an environmental activist and a high school student.  In her school, it isn't exactly cool to care about the environment. Her best friend Erin is in the popular crowd, the Golden Kids. They used to both be part of the group but when Lani quit hanging out with the group and stopped going to their parties, she fell out of touch with the Golden Crowd. The best friends have a hard time spending time together with Erin hanging out with the popular kids and Lani promoting recycling and green activities.

Everything becomes more complicated when Erin starts dating Jason. Erin insists on having Lani meet her new boyfriend and that’s when it starts. Lani feels a deep connection to Jason, but how can she ever be that close with her friend’s boyfriend? Something Like Fate is an accurate portrayal of high school life, which includes teen love, bullies, and maintaining friendships.

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