The Song Is You by Megan Abbott

The Song is You

Jean Spangler disappeared on the night of October 7, 1949. She applied her lipstick, straightened the seams on her stockings and kissed her daughter good-bye. Jean was beautiful and ambitious - and was never seen again after that night. Her broken purse and a cryptic note, found in a park, were the only clues. The case has never been solved.

The Song Is You, Megan Abbott’s fictionalized account of what happened to Jean Spangler, is pure 1950’s Hollywood noir. Abbott not only invents a plausible story for the disappearance of the starlet, she peels away the Hollywood glamour and glitz and shows the violence and degradation lying just beneath the surface.

Gil Hopkins is a journalist turned publicist  - a “fixer” in Hollywood. He makes sure that the stars keep their shiny reputations off-screen - no matter what predilections, peccadilloes or perversions their fame and riches may unleash. The truth is, Gil saw Jean Spangler the night she died. He left her with two of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, stars who liked to drink in dive bars and rough up women. While trying to make sure that no hint of scandal attaches itself to these Hollywood icons, Gil is reluctantly dragged deeper and deeper into the mystery. And every layer he peels away reveals something even uglier and more awful than Gil can imagine.