Sounds Spooky: Watchmen Weaken on Their Job at Chatham.—Strong Armed Guard There Tonight

By The Daily Star—10 August 1921

In an advertisement on the second page of this issue it will be noted that all trespassers on the grounds of Chatham Manor between the hours of sunset and sunrise will be there at their own risk. Watchmen employed by the architect and contractor declare that ghosts invade the domain during the midnight hours and five individual watchmen have tendered their resignations after staying at the historic mansion one night. The watchman on duty Tuesday night declares that a stumpy black figure, accompanied by a grotesque shape in white passed within a few feet of him at midnight. He fired a double-barreled shot gun at them point blank and was greeted by a hollow guttural laugh as they continued their rounds about the manor. This was too much for the guard to stand and he left the premises for good. Another watchman relates that he saw three women in white roaming around the estate exactly at 3 a.m. a few mornings ago, while others tell of strange noises and strangling sounds.

Those in charge of the work of reconstruction of the beautiful mansion hoot at the idea of "spooks" and attribute the disturbances to either ignorance, corn whiskey, or practical jokers.

A man "not afraid of the devil himself" has been employed as night watchman at Chatham and takes his post at sundown Wednesday night. He will be armed to the teeth with a shotgun loaded with buckshot, automatic pistol, strong flashlight, etc., and will shoot at all trespassers to kill.

The architect in charge inserted the advertisement to warn all practical jokers, and he is not desirous of anyone being killed.

The Daily Star, August 10, 1921, page 1, column 7