The Stafford 350 Geocaching Trail

Who among us hasn't dreamt about finding treasure, whether as a child digging in the sand or an adult hiking through the woods?  Now anyone can, thanks to modern technology and enthusiastic hobbiests around the world! Geocaching is a modern day, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices.

The library has partnered with the Stafford 350th Anniversary Committee and the Fredericksburg Geocachers to create The Stafford 350 Geocaching Trail! This is a fun, exciting and inexpensive way for families to enjoy a beautiful weekend exploring Stafford County.

  • Print the coordinates for each of the ten Trail caches below, or upload them to your device at CRRLCache's page on  
  • Take a Stafford Trailblazers booklet (picked up at your closest library branch or a Stafford tourism site) OR a blank piece of paper OR print page 14 of the booklet. Don't forget something to write with! 
  • Be sure to dress appropriately and follow the safety tips (see pages 3-4 of the Stafford Trailblazers booklet.)
  • Venture to each location and find the cache. If you have time, look for some other caches; many locations have mulitiple geocaches.
  • Grab some swag out of the box and write down the code word that is found either inside or on the back of the cache.
  • Once you've found all ten caches, organize the codewords into a complete sentence.  
  • Bring the sentence to the Children's Desk at your nearest library branch and receive a prize.  If you're not from the area or can't make it to the branch, please mail the completed sentence and your return address to: Headquarters Youth Services, 1201 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, VA 22401

New to geocaching? offers great tips and videos in the Learn section.  Create a free account and you can download the app to your smartphone to make it even easier to follow the trail.  Don't worry if you don't have a GPS or a smart phone with GPS capabilities.  The library offers Geocaching Kits available for a 2-week checkout.  Inside you'll find a GPS and a great guidebook, The Geocaching Handbook: The Guide for Family Friendly, High-tech Treasure Hunting (also available for individual checkout and as an eBook.)  

The Stafford 350 Geocaching Trail

Click here for the coordinates and other information about the caches.