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Why Not Start Canning?

Canning book

With the arrival of summer, there is an abundance of produce all around us.  Some of us may be garden-savvy and are already receiving the fruits of our labor from our backyards.  All around us the farms and the Farmer's Markets are bursting with great, fresh produce that is locally grown.  Why not buy some extra and try canning and preserving some of this goodness?  Not only will you be helping out the local farmers, but you will also get the satisfaction of something that you have preserved, and you know exactly what you put into it.

Like any new venture, you do want to read about it and have the proper equipment.  The good news is that the equipment is relatively cheap and is abundantly available at local retailers or stores online.  Plus your library carries many books on this topic. 

For starters, the Virginia Cooperative Extension has this excellent site that you can review: Food Preservation. This office also provides assistance and guidance to all your questions regarding agriculture and produce in general. They also offer local classes on Canning 101.  

The library offers a wealth of books on Canning and Preserving and they are FREE. A good book to buy if desired is: So Easy to Preserve

So pick up a new skill today or brush up on your existing skills - you can start small and keep going.  If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact your friendly reference librarian at your local branch