Stay: The True Story of Ten Dogs by Michaela Muntean

Cover image of Stay: The True Story of Ten Dogs by Michaela Muntean

Luciano Anastasini had been a circus performer from the time he was a child until the day he fell fifty feet from the high wire, ending his days as an acrobat. Stay: The True Story of Ten Dogs, by Michaela Muntean, is the story of how Luciano got a second chance at a circus career by giving stray dogs a second chance at life.

Bowser was a thief who could even open cupboard doors to steal food. Penny walked into walls. Stick was a stray, knocking over garbage cans for food. Tyke was just ornery, and Cocoa kept digging giant holes in her owner's yard. The one thing they had in common was that no one wanted them—until Luciano took them home to the circus.

Luciano was not a dog trainer. He decided that he did not want to teach the dogs to do things that were not natural for dogs to do. They would not learn to walk on their front legs or do backflips. Instead, he would build an act around the things the dogs wanted to do. This is the story of those rescued dogs and how Luciano Anastasini and his Pound Puppies went on to become an extremely successful act, hired by the biggest circuses. But Luciano didn't stop there. He continues to take in troubled dogs, rescuing ten by the end of the this book.

Prepare to be moved and amazed by this heart-warming story! I know I couldn't help but smile. These were dogs on whom everyone had given up. But Luciano was able to see past the surface to the potential in each one. This book is an absolute must for dog lovers, circus lovers, or anyone who enjoys a story about second chances.