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Delete the Danger: Stop Smoking Now

Delete the Danger: Stop Smoking Now

From our friends at SeniorNavigator, here are six proven tips and resources that have helped thousands of people give up smoking for good:

•        Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the various types of treatments, including over-the-counter and prescription medications available to help you quit smoking.
•        Take time to plan. Pick your quit date a few weeks ahead of time and mark it on the calendar. Try to pick a day when life's extra stresses are not at their peak, such as after the holidays. Mark the day on a calendar and stick to it. As your quit day approaches, gather the medications and tools you need and map out how you are going to handle the situations that make you want to smoke.
•        Get some exercise every day. Walking is a great way to reduce the stress of quitting. Exercise is proven to not only combat weight gain but also to improve mood and energy levels.
•        Eat a balanced diet, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep.
•        Ask family, friends and co-workers for their help and support. Having someone to take a walk with or just listen can give a needed boost.
•        You don't have to quit alone. Help is available online and by phone.

For free quitting support, call Quit Now Virginia at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669; TTY 1-800-332-8615) or visit  This free service provides support and advice from experienced counselors, a personalized quit plan, self-help materials, the latest information about cessation medications, and more.

For more inspiration, check out Beatrice’s story – a former smoker, she provides encouragement and tips to help you quit. 

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