Suicide Squeeze

By Victor Gischler

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The high spot of Teddy Folger's life was the day in 1954 that he got a very special autographed baseball card from Joe DiMaggio himself. It's been downhill ever since. Which is why he just unloaded his freeloading wife and torched his own comic-book store in a strip plaza in Mobile, Alabama. Now Teddy's sitting pretty at the Tiki Bar in Pensacola, Florida, chugging cocktails, unaware that he just pulled off the stupidest insurance scam in American history." "Enter Conner Samson. The down-on-his-luck repo man has just been hired to repossess Teddy's boat. What he doesn't know is there's a priceless stowaway on board - a signed baseball card that some men are willing to kill for. Like Ahira Kurisaka, Yakuza boss and rabid collector of American pop culture. He already paid top dollar for a fingernail clipping from Elvis. Now he wants Folger's DiMaggio card, and has just unleashed a team of bounty hunters to get it for him

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