Super Hair-O and the Barber of Doom by John Rocco

Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom by John Rocco

Super Hair-O and the Barber of Doom is John Rocco's story of his enormous, bushy hairdo as a boy and how he imagined it giving him special abilities! According to our unkempt crusader, "every superhero gets his powers from somewhere," and what better place than the top of your own head?

So our small Samson joins his other shaggy friends to do amazing things such as wicked bike jumps and kiddie pool cannonballs. The team is unstoppable until young Rocco is captured by his parents, thrown in their station wagon, and driven to the barber.

Upon his return our hero finds himself weakened, with only a mere inch of hair on his head instead of that magnificent mane. Rocco imagines the barber wearing his curls and mastering a high-flying slam dunk. "What will that dastardly devil do with my powers?" He soon discovers that he isn't the only kid who has lost his hairy abilities. His friends have lost their dreadlocks, their bangs, their shagginess.

Our author and illustrator cleverly depicts the team's loss by using black and white. The kids are low not only in confidence but color. This is until Rocco's sister is in need of help. Will the kids be able to kick their haircut blues and spring into action?

Rocco's images are imaginative, silly, and pleasing to the eye. His pictures show that he is well-versed in comic books, even choosing to emulate comic book printing with backgrounds that have pixelated dots, giving him his own little take on Roy Lichtenstein.

This is a fun, short read for fans of superhero comics or stories of friendship. If you enjoy the book, I suggest Superhero ABC for its visuals and humor. Rocco's other terrific book, Blackout, is another guaranteed delight.

Summer is on the way. Even if you get a short summer cut, remember that it is you and not just your hair that is super special!
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