Animal Wise: The Thoughts and Emotions of our Fellow Creatures by Virginia Morell

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Animal Wise is a look at the emotions and intelligence of several species of animals: ants, fish, birds, parrots, rats, elephants, dolphins, chimpanzees—and dogs and wolves. Morell interviews the scientists who are doing cutting edge research into the animals’ minds and emotions. If you are an animal lover like I am, you do not need a scientist to tell you that animals have emotions.  However, this book rejoices in each species, as the scientists who have devoted their lives to the study of these animals take such pride in their discoveries and have a fascination with the animals that they are researching.

Babar: a gift for Mother

By Ellen Weiss and Judith Gray (illustrator)

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Each of Queen Celeste's children finds a way to give a special gift for Mother's Day.

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Jumbo, the Most Famous Elephant in the World

By Bonnie Worth

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The fascinating but sad true story of Jumbo, the elephant star of Barnum and Bailey's Circus, follows Jumbo's life from his capture in Africa, through his years in London zoos, to his days with the circus. JBR Wor

Suggested for ages 4 - 8

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