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Papa and Me by Arthur Dorros

Papa and Me

"Crossing the street Papa says 'La mano' and he takes my hand." The love between a father and his son is apparent in Papa and Me by Arthur Dorros. The strong bond between them leaps from the colorfully illustrated pages of this book. As they begin their morning and make breakfast together and head to the bus, they revel in the joy of a simple day.

While making breakfast together, they invent a "special food." "Sabroso" they declare, delicious, as they taste the eggs and pancakes. The book uses both English and Spanish to tell the simple story. The characters are happy and they move between English and Spanish effortlessly. 

Chato's Kitchen

By Gary Soto

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To get the "ratoncitos," little mice, who have moved into the barrio to come to his house, Chato the cat prepares all kinds of good food: fajitas, frijoles, salsa, enchiladas, and more.

Suggested for ages 5 - 10

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Mice And Beans

By Pam Muñoz Ryan and Joe Cepeda (illustrator)

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Kind-hearted but forgetful grandmother Rosa María prepares for her granddaughter’s seventh birthday, with help from the ratones living in her house. Color-drenched, lively illustrations reflect a close-knit Hispanic family, and Spanish phrases flavor the story. Includes a recipe for rice and beans!

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Born in the Gravy

By Denys Cazet

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Margarita can't wait to tell Papa about her first day at school, where the big kids call out, "Kindergarten babies, born in the gravy!" JE Fic Caz

Suggested for ages 5 - 7

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