Ku Klux Klan


Karen Hesse

A series of poems express the views of various people in a small Vermont town, including a young black girl and a young Jewish girl, during the early 1920s when the Ku Klux Klan is trying to infiltrate the town.

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Middle School

Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age

By Kevin Boyle

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A young man from the South moves to Detroit and finds the land of honey, but also runs into the Klan of the '20s, and he is indicted for murder. A fascinating true story.

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Dream Makers, Dream Breakers: The World of Justice Thurgood Marshall

By Carl T. Rowan

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"According to Carl Rowan, writing this impassioned biography of Justice Thurgood Marshall was 'tantamount to trying to write the social, legal, economic, political, and moral history of this nation over most of the twentieth century.' Crucial events in American history, such as the black migration out of the postbellum South, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, the Great Depression, and the African-American revolution of the 1960s are magnificently portrayed within the context of Justice Marshall's unrelenting mission to fulfill the promise of equal justice for every American."

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The Liberation of Gabriel King

By K.L. Going

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Soon-to-be fifth-grader Gabriel spends his summer trying to overcome fears of spiders and sixth graders, but when his best friend is threatened with a Ku Klux Klan visit, fear takes on a very different look.

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