Mangaman by Barry Lyga, illustrated by Colleen Doran

Mangaman by Barry Lyga

In the world of manga, Ryoko Kiyama is an ideal character. His eyes turn into pulsating hearts when he sees the object of his affection, sadness creates literal storm clouds overhead, and he is an expert at combating giant lizards and robots without getting injured. After accidentally falling through an “interdimensional cross-rip,” however, Ryoko’s ordinary behavior suddenly becomes freakish and bizarre. Ryoko has accidentally fallen into Western comics, a place populated by American teenagers who struggle to understand and tolerate such a strange visitor.

Leave It to PET. 1 : the Misadventures of a Recycled Super Robot

By by Kenji Sonishi

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PET, an intelligent robot created from recycled products, and his friends help nine-year old Noboru, who first recycled PET, when he is in trouble. JNF 741.5952 So
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Full Metal Alchemist

By Hiromu Arakawa (story and art) ; English adaptation, Egan Loo ; translation, Akira Watanabe

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*Manga series* Alchemy: the mystical power to alter the natural world, somewhere between magic, art, and science. As young boys, Edward & Alphonse Elric dabbled in alchemy to try to resurrect their dead mother. As a result, Ed lost one arm and one leg, while Al lost his entire body and had his spirit sealed into a suit of armor. Now, they are searching for the fabled Philosopher's Stone to restore what they've lost.
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Anime Chaos @ Salem Church Library

Do you love Japanese anime? Join the club! Anime enthusiasts meet at the Salem Church Library every month on the 1st Monday, 6:30-8:00PM at the Salem Church Library. Watch anime episodes, show off your anime-inspired artwork, cosplay your favorite characters, win door prizes and hang out with lots of like-minded fans. See you there!