Dating (Social customs)

The Year of Yes: A Memoir

By Maria Dahvana Headley

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"Like many young people everywhere, playwright Maria Headley had had her fill of terrible dates. Discouraged and looking for love, she decided the time had come for her to eliminate her own (clearly not adequately discriminating) taste from the equation. Instead--as she vowed to her roommates one frustrated morning--she would date every person who asked her out for an entire year, regardless of circumstances. It would be her Year of Yes. Leaving her judgment and predispositions at the door, our heroine ventured into a world suddenly brimming with opportunity and found herself saying yes to:

  • The Microsoft Millionaire who still lived with his mom.
  • An actor she had previously sworn off as gay.
  • And finally the significantly older man, divorced with kids, whom she never would have looked at twice before the Year of Yes--and to whom she is now happily married.

"Hilariously funny and ultimately inspirational, The Year of Yes will appeal to every person who has turned down a date for the wrong reason."

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The Lesbian and Gay Book of Love and Marriage

By Paula Martinac

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"...A crossbreed of a book that offers knowing, humorous insights on love in the gay lane. Crossing romantic advice à la 'Dear Abby'... with practical tips on gay weddings that would make Martha Stewart proud... Martinac has assembled a collage of expert interviews, statistics, personal opinions, historical anecdotes, intimate photos, and chats that, while covering an enormously wide range of interests and positions, is quite centered and focused. This is because Martinac understands that there is no one gay or lesbian point of view on any of these topics; each person and each couple has unique needs and opinions. While it does not avoid the controversial... or the sentimental... it manages to be both frank and funny, practical and political."
--Michael Bronski (Amazon)
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