Portraits of Guilt: The Woman Who Profiles the Faces of America's Deadliest Criminals

By Jeanne Boylan

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Unlike many police artists, Ms. Boylan tries to "get inside" the personalities behind the suspects she tries to help catch. She describes the work she did in the cases of the Unabomber, Susan Smith, and Polly Klass, among others. The book holds some very interesting insights into her work and the people she is drawing.

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Intelligence Matters

By Bob Graham

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In this explosive, controversial, and profoundly alarming insider’s report, Senator Bob Graham reveals faults in America’s national security network severe enough to raise fundamental questions about the competence and honesty of public officials in the CIA, the FBI, and the White House. (Publisher's description)

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Facing Down Evil: Life on the Edge as an FBI Hostage Negotiator

Clint Van Zandt with Daniel Paisner

"An FBI hostage negotiator provides a white-knuckle portrait of his 25 years of service." (Book Description)


Local Counter Terror Expert!

Seems as though every time there is an incident like the recent tragedy at Fort Hood, Clint Van Zandt turns up on TV, offering insight into what has happened and how to understand it. Van Zandt is well known for having been, for many years an FBI major crimes analyst, “profiler” and hostage negotiator. You may not know that he is today the president of a local business, Van Zandt Associates – an international risk and threat management consulting firm.