Environmental disasters

And No Birds Sing: The Story of an Ecological Disaster in a Tropical Paradise

By Mark Jaffe

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Here is an environmental detective story. In the early 1960s, game wardens on Guam noticed a decline in the bird population. In 1980, biologist Julie Savidge was hired to solve the mystery and save the birds. When her research named the prime suspect few people believed her. This is the story of her hunt for evidence. It will make you worry about every plane that lands at Dulles.

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A Sea in Flames: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Blowout

By Carl Safina

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"The first book about the BP disaster by a world-renowned oceanographer examines the environmental and social consequences of the spill from the perspective of those directly affected by it. By telling the stories of three working families, Safina goes behind the scenes with fishermen, oystermen, and oilmen whose lives--and habitats--have been irreparably changed. But will energy and environmental policy change as well? Safina addresses these issues in a rich, deeply personal investigation of a catastrophe he has reported--and blogged on--from the beginning."

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Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

What, another dystopian YA novel? Yes, but Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi is so fresh and involving that even the most jaded reader is sure to enjoy it. 

Teenaged Nailer is a ship breaker, one of the poorest of the poor who eke out a living dismantling rusting oil tankers along the Gulf. He’s still small enough to crawl through the ducts in search of copper wire, which he retrieves and turns over to his crew boss. His drug-addicted father is an unpredictable force, and Nailer considers his friend Pima and her mother the closest thing he has to a real family. 
After a hurricane sweeps over the coast, Nailer and Pima discover the wreck of a high-tech clipper ship hidden in an inlet. As they scavenge for food, money and anything else that can turn their luck, they discover the body of a beautiful and clearly rich young woman. Just as Nailer contemplates cutting off her finger to steal her rings, her eyes open.

The Tomorrow Code

By Brian Falkner

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Two New Zealand teenagers receive a desperate SOS from their future selves and set out on a quest to stop an impending ecological disaster that could mean the end of humanity.
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