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Genealogy Online for Dummies

By Matthew L. Helm and April Leigh Helm

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"...takes you through the basic steps for researching and tracing your family's lineage in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Plus, this newest edition offers the latest information on leveraging the potential of social networking sites in order to locate extended family members and uncover additional family history. You'll discover how to start your investigation, build a Web site for sharing your finds, identify sites that will be of the most use to you, get information from government records, preserve electronic materials, and more:

Serves as a helpful starting point for beginning your investigation into your family's history
Walks you through developing a plan for your research, using online and offline research techniques, and researching ethnic ancestry through international records
Details how to create Web sites where family members can make contact or you can share your findings
Looks at how to use social networking sites as a new portal for locating extended family members and acquiring additional family history
Explains how to access domestic records for births, deaths, immigration, and more on both local and state levels
Companion Web site features a vast collection of genealogical software tools and resources"

Older editions are also available.

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The Genealogist's Internet

By Peter Christian

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"...explores the major sources of data available to family historians online and highlights the most useful directories and gateways. Suitable for those starting out and for experienced researchers, The Genealogist's Internet features fully updated URLs and all the recent developments online in areas such as births, marriages and deaths indexes; the expansion in census records and wills online; DNA testing and surname studies; genealogy blogs; changes in search engines; historical maps and photographs. Use it contact others with the same surname or to access the numerous genealogical forums, discussion groups, mailing lists and newsgroups to help in your own research.

"This up-to-the minute 4th edition includes the following: * The launch of the 1911 census * The expansion of genealogical services, now in the complete range of census indexes and the first official data service for Ireland prospects for the digitization of civil registration * The many new projects and datasets on the FamilySearch site * New passenger lists and other migration records * Digitized out-of-copyright books * New ways of putting your family tree online * The rise of online sharing: DNA matching, photo sharing, social bookmarking * Expanded coverage of occupations and professions"

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Genealogy Online

By Elizabeth Powell Crowe

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Provides a guided tour of online resources and communities to help anyone begin or delve deeper into a family history project. Thoroughly revised, this new edition shows you how Web 2.0 tools can help you get more done in less time. Older editions are also available as eBooks.

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Searching the Internet

Looking for information in all the wrong places?

That's a song that Internet searchers could sing day after day. Spending hours (even days) looking for something online can be frustrating. Here are some tips and favorite sites that our reference librarians use to find what they're looking for....