Elvis Presley

Shake, Rattle & Turn That Noise Down! by Mark Alan Stamaty

Shake, Rattle & Turn That Noise Down! by Mark Alan Stamaty

I have never liked getting haircuts. There is just too much room for miscommunication. Too much of a chance for a top-of-the-head surprise that won’t go away. Recently, I have figured out a way around any chance of miscommunication.

“Just make it look like Elvis.”

Shake, Rattle & Turn that Noise Down! is a beautifully illustrated coming-of-age story by Mark Alan Stamaty. He is best known as a political cartoonist, and here his caricatured drawings serve his personal story of discovering Elvis Presley, to the chagrin of his poor mother.

Images of Elvis Presley in American Culture, 1977-1997: The Mystery Terrain

By George Plasketes

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Pop culture writer George Plaskets speaks of the "mystery terrain" of American culture since Elvis Presley began his second career in 1977. Whether you think of him as the king or kitsch or why he has dominated our culture, this is the book for you. Included is a comprehensive bibliography, discography, filmography/videography.

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Great Lives Series: Elvis Presley

On Tuesday, April 20, 2010, Gardner Campbell of Baylor University will give a talk on the King of Rock 'n' Roll. This lecture, part of the university's Great Lives series, is free and open to the public.
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