It's Easy to Make a Bird Feeder

When winter skies turn gray, and the air thickens with chill, life becomes harder for the feathered ones. Food is scarcer, and handouts from us humans can make a difference to them. Take just a few minutes to create a place for the birds to hang out on a frosty day. Once you've got your feeder hung, check out a bird identification book from the library to learn the names of your grateful guests. 

Simplicity Lessons: A 12-Step Guide to Living Simply

By Linda Breen Pierce

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"...a practical guide for those who long for a slower pace of life with more time for joyful relationships, fulfilling work, and living one's dreams. Working on your own or as part of a simplicity study group, you will explore the major areas of your life: material possessions, money, time, work, housing, transportation, relationships, inner simplicity, health, community, and environmental sustainability. For each category, you will complete written exercises to determine how best to improve the quality of your life." (Publisher's description)
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Ride for a Lifetime

In a world filled with SUV's, ever-rising gas prices, and hotels that cater to their customers' perceived desires to be surrounded by plush conveniences, some eccentric souls will look for opportunities to kick back, simplify, and enjoy a break from the daily smog-encrusted rush.

On a bicycle, the world seems a different place. It certainly moves at a different pace, faster than on foot but slow enough to experience the sweet fulfillment of the day. Getting back on a bike after many years is a pleasure you should not put off.