The Complete Workout & Stress Reduction Program

By Jane Fonda

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Actress Jane Fonda leads you in aerobics and guided relaxation exercises on this DVD.
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Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover

By Bob Greene

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"This program offers something for everyone. Whether you're a beginning exerciser, already have a regular workout routine going, or are at an advanced level of fitness, you can personalize the Total Body Makeover plan to suit you. And no matter whether you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, a little to lose, or are just trying to get into the best shape of your life, you will see substantial changes in your body at the end of 12 weeks. Some of you will have reached your ultimate goal by then; some of you will have made a great start and will still have a way to go. But all of you, if you stay committed, will look and feel significantly different. Some of you will even have changed your lives in ways that were totally unexpected. Most important, you will be on the road to a lifetime of healthy living." -- From the book

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Moving to Mozart: Classic Exercise for an Ageless Body

By Ann Smith

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Suitable for all ages, conditions, and body types, this video features slow, continuous stretching motion that flows from the inside to create a healthy, well-proportioned body. The exercises are set to music by Mozart.

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The Diabetic Athlete

By Sheri Colberg

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Pt. 1. The diabetic athlete's toolbox -- Training for sports and fitness -- Balancing exercise blood sugars -- The ups and downs of insulin -- Supplements and eating for exercise -- Guidelines for type 1 diabetes -- Guidelines for type 2 diabetes -- Pt. 2. Sports and fitness activities -- Endurance sports -- Power sports -- Fitness activities -- Recreational sports -- Appendix A. Diabetic athletes and sports organizations -- Appendix B. Sport and nutrition web sites of interest -- Appendix C. Diabetic athlete activity questionnaire.

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The "I Hate to Exercise" Book for People with Diabetes

By American Diabetes Association

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The American Diabetes Association's simple, easy-to-use guide on low-impact exercises reveals how seniors can maintain fitness with 30 minutes of exercise per day, and those 30 minutes can be broken into small increments. "The "I Hate to Exercise" Book for People With Diabetes places special emphasis on fitting activity into everyday life and using commonly available items rather than expensive gym equipment.

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Keep Moving with an "Awesome Exercise Class for Seniors"

Just because you're older doesn't mean you can't have fun while staying in shape. Porter Library's Awesome Seniors Exercise Class meets most every Thursday from 9:30 to 10:30. This free class is for people 55+. Exercises are done with the help of a chair.

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The library has books and videos for older adults who want to keep moving to keep healthy.

Prenatal Care: Important for Both of You

If you have just discovered that you are pregnant or are thinking that you would like to become pregnant one day, you have a lot to consider. One of the things which you definitely should not ignore during pregnancy is your health. Prenatal care is everything you do to take care of your health and your unborn child’s health while you are pregnant. This should start with a doctor’s visit once you know you are pregnant or think you might be.

Join the Volksmarch

"A volksmarch is a non-competitive 6 mile (10 kilometer) walk. It's not a pledge walk, it's not a race, it is a fun activity you do with a club, with your family, with your pet, or all by yourself. "
--American Volkssport Association

Ride for a Lifetime

In a world filled with SUV's, ever-rising gas prices, and hotels that cater to their customers' perceived desires to be surrounded by plush conveniences, some eccentric souls will look for opportunities to kick back, simplify, and enjoy a break from the daily smog-encrusted rush.

On a bicycle, the world seems a different place. It certainly moves at a different pace, faster than on foot but slow enough to experience the sweet fulfillment of the day. Getting back on a bike after many years is a pleasure you should not put off.