Gold in Stafford County

Gold in Stafford County

Gold was discovered in Stafford during the eighteenth century. In 1787 Thomas Jefferson wrote in his Notes on Virginia, “I know a single instance of gold found in this state. It was interspersed in small specks through a lump of ore, of about four pounds in weight, which yielded seventeen pennyweight [1/20 ounce] of gold, of extraordinary ductility.” This gold was found in Stafford about four miles below Fredericksburg on the north side of the Rappahannock.

Muletrain To Maggody: an Arly Hanks Mystery

By Joan Hess

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The Stump County Historical Society has funded a documentary film on the Skirmish at Cotter's Ridge of 1863. No one seems interested until it is mentioned that a shipment of Confederate gold was hidden somewhere during the skirmish and hasn't been seen since.
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