Shells: Treasures from under the Sea

"Look, Mom, a shell! A beautiful shell!"

If you go to the beach this summer, you may find dozens of seashells, each uniquely wonderful. Plan on filling a whole jar with your favorites: scallops and angel wings, whelks and sand dollars.

State Parks of the South: America's Historic Paradise: A Guide to Camping, Fishing, Hiking, and Sightseeing

By Vici DeHaan

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Guides your exploration of the special state parks of Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, North and South Carolina.
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North America's Greatest Fishing Lodges: More than 250 Hotspots in the U.S., Canada & Caribbean Basin

By John Ross

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Includes information on fish species, seasons, rates, and special travel tips for fishermen. Choices range from backwoods with cooking facilities to full service lodges.

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Pinky Pye

By Eleanor Estes

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The fun-loving Pye family goes on vacation to Fire Island where the find an "ABANDID" kitten with a very unusual talent. This is the sequel to Ginger Pye, a Newbery winner.

Suggested for ages 6 - 11

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Shells: Jewels from the Sea

Shells litter the beaches of every continent on our planet. They are durable enough to be used as building material, but they are so compelling that societies have featured their motifs in religion, art, and architecture. Many varieties of shellfish have the additional virtue of being delicious!