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In Darkness by Nick Lake

Cover of In Darkness by Nick Lake

"In Darkness I count my blessings like Manman taught me.
      One: I am alive,
      Two: there is no two."

In Darkness, by Nick Lake, is set in Haiti immediately after the devastating earthquake of 2010. It is the story of Shorty, a boy who has grown up in a violent slum of Port-au-Prince called The Site. But Shorty's life is somehow interwoven with the spirit of Touissant l'Ouverture, visionary leader of Haiti's slave revolution of 1791 to 1803.

Messed Up

Janet Nichols Lynch

A fifteen-year-old Mexican American has experienced a series of tough breaks before finding himself completely on his own. He decides to try to keep his lack of a home a secret from his school while working hard and staying out of trouble.

High School
Middle School

And the Shadows Took Him

By Daniel Chacon

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Moving from the Fresno barrio to Oregon in an effort to climb up the socio-economic ladder, a Latino family learns that its ethnicity presents unexpected obstacles.

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A Gangster's Girl

By Chunichi

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Leaving the safety of her parents home, a very good girl enters a world of bad boys and fast money and hooks up with a sexy but dangerous man who could be the biggest mistake of her life.
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Cold Medina

By Gary Hardwick

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Tracking a white serial killer of African-American gang members in downtown Detroit, detective Tony Hill must capture the murderer while the city erupts in race-related violence all around him.

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