Aliens -- fiction

The Humans by Matt Haig

The Humans by Matt Haig

Sometimes it takes an alien to tell us humans how to live.

The Vonnadorians are advanced beings who come to our messy, wet planet and think we, The Humans, are inferior. They believe we are not ready for more technological progress so they eliminate Professor Andrew Martin, who has made a breakthrough in mathematics which would change the course of humanity’s future. Naturally, they replace him with an alien look-alike who is ill-prepared for his mission to erase any knowledge of the Cambridge professor’s work--and to destroy anyone who knows about it.

Bitter Waters

By Wen Spencer

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Half-human half-alien Ukiah Oregon finds himself under scrutiny by Homeland Security when a dead member of the Temple of New Reason cult is found with photographs of Ukiah. Before he can investigate the cult's interest in him, Ukiah's son is abducted.
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