09/06/2016 - 12:14am
Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day @ Your Library!

Ahoy, Maties!  Talk Yerself Into a Coupon!

On Monday, the 19th o' SeptembARRRR, 'tis Speak Like a Scurvy Pirate Day. If ye natter to a library crew member like a scurvy pirate yer gonna receive a jolly coupon fer a doubloon ($1) off yer fines or fer one free book from the Buckos of the Library booksale.* Not sure how a band o' pirates speak? No worries! Ye can learn how usin' Mango Languages via *One coupon per sailor!

01/10/2011 - 1:51pm
Tax links

Aside from the federal taxes, residents also have to pay state taxes. Below are a few useful links that will help you prepare your Virginia state tax return.

Virginia Department of Taxation : Find forms and instructions for individuals and businesses.

Virginia Tax Rate Schedule and Tax Table : Taxes at a glance

Tax Table Calculator : Use this calculator to compute your Virginia tax amount based on your taxable income.

2010 Resident 760 : Resident Individual Income Tax Booklet

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