Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci: Flights of the Mind

By Charles Nicholl

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"For five centuries, Leonardo da Vinci has stood alone as the quintessential Renaissance man-—the incomparable artist, writer, thinker, and inventor who most powerfully transformed his world. In this dazzling new intimate biography, award-winning author Charles Nicholl creates a portrait of the artist for our time-—a biography that brings Leonardo to life as a complex man living in a fascinating, dangerous, quickly changing world.Drawing freely on his own original translations of Leonardo’s notebooks as well as newly discovered contemporary accounts,

"Nicholl captures the very texture of Leonardo’s mind and the pungent visceral impressions he transmuted into art. Detail by brilliant detail, Nicholl reconstructs the life and times of the artist, from his troubled childhood as the illegitimate son of an established Tuscan family to his years of apprenticeship in the burgeoning art world of Medici Florence to his unrivaled achievements in a breathtaking array of disciplines and media."

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