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Crashers by Dana Haynes

Crashers cover

A patron called me this week to say that he loved Crashers, by Dana Haynes, so much that he didn’t even want to stop the audio book to go to sleep at night!  That is an excellent endorsement!  He wanted more books by this author, and we found out that this was the debut novel of Dana Haynes.

It is about an airliner that crashes outside of Portland, Oregon, and a team of experts assembled to investigate the cause of the crash. Some of the members of the team are: Kiki Duvall, a “sonar witch”--a recorder specialist who can hear things that other people cannot; John Roby, a former cop and bomb expert; Walter Mulroney who can build any plane given the right number of bolts; engineer Peter Kim, pilot  and former F.B.I. agent Isaiah Grey; pathologist Tommy Tomzak; and the leader,  Susan Tanaka who is an intergovernmental liason.  They soon discover that this plane crash was no accident--it was a trial run. 

Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry

Patient Zero cover

Recently when I went to the beach I took Patient Zero with me to read.  While I sat in stopped traffic, motorcyclists weaved in and out, roaring past us laughing.  My first thought was, “That is SO illegal! I hate you!” But my next thought was, “They are going to get to the beach long before we do, and they are having more fun doing it this way.”  If Jonathan Maberry's Patient Zero were a vehicle it would be one of those motorcycles roaring past the stopped cars.  The action is fast and furious from the beginning to the very last page of the book.

Chapter One introduces Joe Ledge--a modern day Rambo. 

When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week, then there’s either something wrong with your skills or something wrong with your world.

And there’s nothing wrong with my skills.

The Kill Box

By Chris Stewart

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"In The Kill Box, Air Force Captain Charlie McKay is chosen to lead one of the most desperate military missions ever: destruction of the biological weapons laboratory hidden deep beneath the Iraqi desert bands. Air Force One, returning from Kuwait, has crashed. All aboard, including the vice-president and former President, are dead, killed not by the crash but by a virus of unknown origin. The threat is immediate, blunt, and terrifying.

"The President vows retaliation, not knowing that Washington D.C., is also targeted for biological destruction. As the clock ticks down to biological Armageddon, all personnel at the giant Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia fall to the deadly virus. And as Captain Charlie McKay leads his strike force of F-15s and B-1 Bombers into the heart of Iraq on a one-in-a-million mission, the fate of the world is hanging in the balance."

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The Enemy Within

By Larry Bond

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"What if a foreign rogue nation launched a war against the United States within its own borders? America's largest cities are in flames. Its majestic landmarks are in ruins. Electronic sabotage cripples its far-flung communications systems. Race battles against race in a raging civil conflagration. The first waves of a meticulously orchestrated international terrorist campaign have achieved a stunning and terrifying success.

"As grim national leaders hunker down with advisors, as the finest living minds in strategic intelligence together with state-of-the-art computers link up to search out and destroy the source of the savagery, as armies both with and without uniforms mobilize to win the ultimate unconventional war, two men - once friends, now adversaries to the death - race to a decisive confrontation. On one side is General Amir Taleh, an implacable foe of the United States, a nimble survivor of the brutal cross-currents of Iran's internal politics, and a shrewd fighter who believes that killing for revenge is pointless but killing for a higher purpose is justified.

"Opposing him are two American operatives who become tactical allies as well as unexpected lovers: Colonel Peter Thorn, the Delta Force veteran who has faced down the masters of terror on foreign soil and now feels powerless to defeat them at home; and Special Agent Helen Gray, as beautiful as she is a formidable player in the old-boy network of special operations. Together, they must find a way to defeat Taleh and his forces before the West awakens to its greatest nightmare of all."

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Mission Compromised

By Oliver North

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U.S. Marine Major Peter Newman is hand picked for a dangerous clandestine operation as the head of the White House's Special Projects Office. His orders are clear: hunt down and eliminate terrorists before they attack. When the mission is compromised, he embarks on a personal odyssey that threatens his life, morality, and marriage.
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Honor Among Thieves

By Jeffrey Archer

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"A fiercely patriotic CIA agent and a beautiful Mossad operative traverse four continents to foil a sinister plot to steal and destroy an American historical document on July 4, 1994, in a harrowing tale with a dramatic, triple-twist ending."
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Eye of the Storm

By Jack Higgins

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Sean Dillon is a master terrorist, an elusive, mysterious figure whose skills surpass even those of famed international fugitive Carlos the Jackal. For years Dillon has slipped through the hands of authorities on every continent, hiding in the anonymity of the underworld. But it is during the Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein is feeling the grip of the British and American forces closing in on him, that Dillon once again emerges -- right into the eye of Saddam's storm.

Hired by Iraqi operatives to strike a blow against the allied forces, Dillon plots an attempt on Margaret Thatcher's life. His ultimate goal, though, is a mortar launch against the War Cabinet during a meeting at 10 Downing Street. As Dillon's plan progresses, his longtime nemesis Martin Brosnan, an American Special Forces hero who has known Dillon from his IRA days, is recruited by British intelligence to nail him. Just as Dillon is within Brosnan's grasp, he slips away again. Step by step, a deadly cat-and-mouse game unfolds, although the odds are stacking up against Dillon's capture.

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Blood Rules

By John Trenhaile

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When Shi'ite Muslims hijack the plane on which Colin Raleigh and his son are traveling, Colin is horrified to learn that Robbie's estranged mother, a terrorist, has targeted their plane to get her son back.

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The Vulture Fund

By Stephen W. Frey

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Wall Street investment banker Mace McLain takes over the management of a new investment fund founded on the belief that the economy is going to crash and, in the process, discovers a high-level political plot that threatens the United States.

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The Heat of Ramadan

By Steven Hartov

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Inextricably bound together, an Israeli intelligence agent and a Palestinian nationalist plotting a destructive assassination face off in the soul of an ancient city, knowing that only one of them will survive.

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