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Desperate for Snow? You Might Just Have to Read About It!


Many of us were disappointed when our predicted snow failed to materialize last week. So, if you really need a snow fix, try one of these frosty reads!

The Snow Child by Eowyn IveyThe Snow Child

Summer of the Midnight Sun

By Tracie Peterson

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In 1915 Alaska, Leah Barringer, anxiously awaits the return of her missing brother, Jacob. When he finally arrives, he brings back Jayce Kincaid, Leah’s former love, who awakens feelings she thought were long since buried.
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A Fine and Bitter Snow

By Dana Stabenow

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Change never comes easy, but it comes just the same, and it's on its way to the Park, to Niniltna, in southeast Alaska. This time it concerns the possibility of drilling for oil in a wildlife preserve near there, near Aleutian P.I. Kate Shugak's home territory. Battle lines are drawn across their community, but at least it gives Kate something to do. Still just months after her lover's violent death, though she doesn't know quite how, she is trying to get back into her daily life.
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The Call of the Wild

By Jack London

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This book tells the story of the magnificent dog Buck, who is a loyal pet until cruel men make him a pawn in their search for the gold of the Klondike. Brutally treated, Buck finds the blood of his wolf ancestors rising within him and breaks free to roam the Alaskan wilderness as leader of a ferocious pack. Banned in three European countries in the '20's and '30's, it is now required reading in many U.S. schools.

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